Photo Booth

Make the memories from your event last a lifetime with the Be Creative Photo Booth! No matter if it’s your wedding or a corporate event, our photo booth allows all of your attendees to create life-long memories in the form of creative, high-quality images with the simple press of a button.

Photo Booth Features

Don’t want to feel cramped in a traditional photo booth? That’s never a problem with the Be Creative Photo Booth. Our photo booth is entirely “booth-less,” meaning that while the camera in front of you is still visible to take fun photos, there are no walls; up to 20 people can take a picture at once! In addition, the Be Creative Photo Booth is portable, making it easy to set up and move around.

Want your guests to remember your event? The Be Creative Photo Booth can be customized with special backdrops and templates to match your event’s theme, or your company’s brand/logo if you’re a business. In addition, we offer fun and wonderful props from YoProps specific to your event to bring more life and creativity to your attendees’ photos. Taking a picture has never been more fun!

The Be Creative Photo Booth has an instant print option for guests, meaning that as soon as they take a picture, they can immediately print out their photo as a keepsake! In addition, the Be Creative Photo Booth also has an instant upload option to several social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. This allows your guests to share their photos online to show off their creative pictures to friends and family—not to mention the fun time they’re having at your event!